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What's Happening?

Our first event of the new school year was a feast for the taste buds. Thanks to everyone who came along to our Macmillan Coffee Morning and helped to raise a splendid total of £118.07. Thanks also to
everyone who baked those scrumptious cakes (especially the Lemon Drizzle!) Check out Macmillan 

We’re looking forward to seeing you at various events we’ve got happening this term, there are certainly plenty to choose from.

First up we have our Halloween Spectacular which will be held at Yellow Arch on Sunday 20th October.
Yellow Arch is an amazing venue if you didn’t already know that. There’ll be something for everyone on the 20th with 3 different age-based concerts in one day:

• 2.00-3.00pm is for some spooky sounds played by our youngest students complete with a fancy
dress parade and prizes.

• 3.40-5.00pm is for ages 9-teens to play their scariest tunes with fancy dress and a spooky quiz.

• Last but not least from 7.30pm it’ll be the chance for our adult students to dress up and strut their stuff on the iconic Yellow Arch stage. We’ll also be holding a not to be missed Autumnal Raffle.

Don’t forget your spending money for spooky tuck shop treats happening all night and the excellent
Yellow Arch bar and coffee facilities on tap for adults too.

Tickets are on sale at Ticket Source and for more information please see the poster in the waiting room. This is going to be our BIGGEST event ever so please help to make it our BEST one too!

In November we’re kicking off with a social and open mic for our adult students in the Big Room at AS on Wednesday 6th November from 8.30pm There’ll be teas, coffee, cakes & biscuits, and lots of chance to chat. If you fancy jamming along, joining in or giving us a song or a tune, it’s a perfect opportunity to get up and have a go in a small, friendly & supportive atmosphere.

On November 8th many of us will be going along to the Library Theatre to support our prize winning students who’ve gained highest marks in their exam grades this year in the Sheffield region. We’re very proud to have seven prize winners this year and to keep our unbroken record of prize winning students every year so far this century. To buy tickets for this event please contact LCM 

November 16th & 17th

How to Make Music is a very exciting weekend course coming soon to the Big Room at AS Music School. You’ll be able to learn songwriting, improvisation skills, join in a rhythmic percussion workshop and literally learn how to make your very own music. Every student will build a portfolio over the weekend which will be submitted to us for accreditation and a certificate showing your achievements on completion. This is music theory made real!

Students who attend the How to Make Music course will, in one weekend, provide themselves with enough Theory knowledge to be able to progress onto their next practical grade without taking a theory exam! Living theory and practical musicianship from beginner to advanced. This course will change your life!


Our tutors are keen to share their teaching experiences and what better way to do this than by teaching an “open lesson”. It’s a valuable experience for the students and family & friends get to see a lesson in action which helps everyone appreciate what goes on in our lessons and how to get the most out of them. Ask your tutor when there’s a space for you to take part and invite whoever you want to come along and see you having your lesson.

Big Room Concerts are also a great way to get a taste for performing in front of just some of your family
and friends as part of your lesson and with the support of your tutor.
Get practising now and talk to your tutor about what dates are available for you to give your very own concert to your very own audience. We’ll have more details again nearer the time but get the dates in your diary now for our two Christmas gigs:

Sunday 8th - December Band Gig at Yellow Arch

Tuesday 17th - December Singers' Concert at The Greystones

We’re also looking forward to a community Christmas sing-along in the Big Room and our Xmas Fair in he waiting room, more details and dates coming soon. So much to do and so many opportunities, make the most of being part of AS Music School and enjoy making music.

Welcome Back!

Hey! Let’s get back to AS Music School and make some new music this September! Well I hope you did take a break as advised?

Now it’s time to get back into practice and it’s important that you don’t allow yourself to be wracked with guilt through not having played all summer and don’t be demoralised because you’re all fingers and thumbs and you sound awful.... all very well, you might say but what am I supposed to do now?!

Well it’s different for everyone getting back into music but I think the secret is to be kind to yourself, be realistic and set yourself up with an achievable routine. The importance of routine is key to success in most things and it’s definitely one of the life skills that taking music lessons helps to instil. Obviously the routine is going to be different for a beginner or an advanced student but whatever your level and whatever you’re aiming for, ease yourself in gently and remember that music is here for you ( and all of us) to enjoy.

Little and often is a great way to make progress but it’s also possible to progress and keep your interest going on 3 or 4 practices a week. Pick something that works for you.... and if it doesn’t work, try a different plan.

I haven’t played the piano all summer and now it’s September I’m going to try to make sure that I play more days each week than I miss ( so 4/7 is ok and more than that is great .....if I feel like it.)

I’ve had a great time in the last couple of days working out what I’m going to play and I’m pretty excited because I’ve sent off for some new music, (having listened to it on YouTube first and decided it’s probably slow enough for me to get my fingers around.)

I’ve chosen 4 piano pieces all by English composers because the music reminds me of the English countryside I walked through on my holiday doing the Coast to Coast walk from the Lake District to Robin Hoods Bay.

I’ve purposely picked some pieces that are easy and one that’s hard. I’ll be letting you know how I get on. I’d love to hear from you too, tell us about your practice routines, what you’re gonna be playing this Autumn and share your tips so we can all Enjoy Making Music.

Back Door

Nearing the end of my Coast to Coast journey tonight I’m staying at The Lion Inn high up on Blakey Ridge on the North Yorkshire Moors. It’s a pub with many a tale to tell but I’ll never forget the first time I wandered in here off the wild moorland, many many years ago, back in the 70s, only to find I’d stepped into some surreal free jazz jam session with some of the most amazing sounds I’d ever heard. It certainly was an ear-opener of a day.

I’d accidentally stumbled across 70s jazz fusion band Back Door who hung out at this lonely venue thanks to the appreciation of the then landlord who even financed their first album back in the day. Sad to say when I googled Back Door just now for more info to jog my memory all that came up was B&Q and Screwfix! If anyone can find a link to get a listen to their sounds please listen in, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed! Long live live music!


Beautiful Swaledale

As some of you may know there were flash floods in Swaledale last week causing roads and bridges to collapse and extensive damage to people’s homes and livelihoods.

The flooding took place just as I set off on Day 1 of my Coast to Coast hike across England and today I arrived in the northern part of Swaledale. I am staying at a B&B with a musical host, please have a look at the following local tune and a link to Beautiful Swaledale being sung by the local community choir as they launch their fundraising initiative.

Better still get practising and learn the song for yourselves! 

Best wishes from a wet and soggy Swaledale with an amazing community spirit.


Video link: 

Take A Break

Take a break, pause a little(pause sign) rest a while (rest sign)

We all know that in music, as in many things, routine is important. But it's also important to take a break from routine and we'd like you to do just that this August. Students and staff, young and old, beginner or advanced; take a break and we’ll all be back and buzzing from September.

You don’t have to hang up your drum sticks and plectrums or lock down the piano lid entirely but do get out and about and use your holidays to check out what’s happening in the world of music, away from weekly lessons and practice routines. It’s all out there for you to discover whether it’s the sound of rain drumming on a caravan roof, the mishmash of fairground sounds or the amusement arcades, the purity of bird song and the wind in the trees, or the chance to pull in a festival or a Prom concert. Try a new musical experience this summer.

We know from our recent Original Music Challenge that many of you love to create your own music so do listen out for inspiration this summer and don’t be scared to have a go if you’ve never tried before. Making your own music is all about expressing yourself, there are no wrong notes and the ideas are all around you and we’d absolutely love to hear anyone’s new tunes as soon as we’re back.

If you like performing, keep your ears and eyes open.... lots of holiday venues have singers nights, open mic nights, karaoke and talent competitions..... (and they’re often not a patch on our gigs!).... so get out there and give ‘em a tune. If it all goes pear shaped well no one knows you, anyway! We’d love to hear from you if you play any live music this summer.

Holiday venues are often great for live music events so stop and listen whenever there’s the chance whether it’s a brass band in the park, a pianist in a cafe or a metal band at the pub, drink in all the musical experiences that come your way and listen to something different this summer. Let us know what you listened to this summer and what you thought of it! It’s great to play or sing if and when you feel like it over the summer but be realistic; you’ll just be heading for frustration and disappointment if you’re planning to maintain your daily practice routines whilst on a family camping trip. And even if you’re staying at home, or especially if you’re staying at home, it really is important to have a break!

Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t play and if you don’t feel like it, don’t worry or feel guilty about it, just enjoy music any way you can and let’s get back together in September refreshed and re energised and raring to go.

At AS Music School we finished our regular lessons on Monday 5th August. We’re open from 6th-24th August subject to tutor availability for catching up missed lessons and for some blocks by prior arrangement with your tutors.

If you’re sticking around in Sheffield, 6th-24th August is also a good time to buy a bargain 3 Lesson Bundle for just £50.00 subject to availability. This offer is open alike to regular and new students during August. Contact us at for more details.

We’ll be back and buzzing from Monday September 9th for more music making than ever before. Check for our latest news of events and offers on this blog.

Contact us with all your summer music news at: