Music Theory

Music Theory Classes

Music Theory provides students with the skills needed to read and write music notation. It covers material such as pitches, scales, rhythm, phrases and harmony.

  • Music Theory is all about the nuts and bolts of how music works.
  • Which notes make up a chord and which chords sound good with each other.
  • What all the dots and squiggles mean.
  • How to read and how to write music.
  • Music Theory is about understanding how it all fits together.
  • It helps with your playing.
  • It helps with writing songs or music of your own.
  • It helps you get through the supporting tests in your practical music exams.

Here at AS Music School after Grade 2 is achieved on your instrument or voice, students need to take theory exams in order to progress to their next practical grades.

See the table for how it works:

Practical Grade Achieved Theory Grade needed before taking next Practical Grade
2 1
3 2
4 3
5 4
6 5 or GCSE
7 & 8 5 or GCSE