Music Production

Our Music Production course teaches you how to mix, produce and record your own music in just a few short weeks. Don't miss out on a Free taster session!

Do you want to produce your own music from start to finish?

Lessons available for one-to-one tuition and small group classes.

No need to play an instrument, you can take your own recordings home with you! Music Production can be a different way into making music if you don't play an instrument or if you do play, use your instrumental skills to produce recordings.

Use technology to create your own music or learn how to get your playing from your fingertips onto CD.

Calling all South Yorkshire Bands! You need this course to help get yourselves ahead in the music scene. 

Learn how to make CDs / mp3s and audio files so you can distribute your music and get the gigs you want. Music Production at AS Music School is for you whether you're a musician, a techy, or a complete beginner! 

We can help you make music from any genre: dance, rock, classical, metal‎!

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