Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons Sheffield

Play any Guitar style, it's your choice at AS Music School. From complete beginner to Grade 8 and beyond we can make you a Guitar star.

Make sense of reading music or TAB in record time and play the songs you like by the artists you choose.

Prefer Jazz, Electric or Bass Guitar? No problem, our versatile and experienced tutors will inspire you with ways to extend your improvisation skills and build on your ideas.

Your first lesson is free and there is no obligation to join.

Guitar Lessons Sheffield

A S Music School is a local exam centre for nationally recognised exam Grades in Acoustic, Electric, Classical, Rock and Bass Guitar with UCAS points counting towards university entrance for higher grades.

So, play in your favourite style and get the recognition you deserve.

Guitar Lessons Sheffield

Band classes are also available. Our talented bands play live throughout the year at the various events we organise.

Contact us today and arrange your first FREE Guitar Lesson.