Musical Stories

musical stories


Baby and toddler music classes for very young children from newborn to aged 3, together with their parents/carers. What a great introduction to the wonderful world of music and a feast for all your senses.

baby playing music
Join in together playing simple percussion instruments, singing along with all the songs and joining in the games as our expert tutors bring well known children's stories to life through music.      

stave house

You can experience music lessons for kids with your little ones and give your child this opportunity to grow up with music. 

Contact us now to join our brand NEW class, Musical Stories. FIRST LESSON FREE.
If your child is older than 3, why not try out our Early Learning Music Lessons for 3-5 year olds? 

Choir Sheffield

Join our new choir for 8-14 year olds in January 2020 and have yourself a musical new year. 

For more information, head over to our dedicated page for Vocalize