Play in a Band Classes

Here at AS Music School our students get the opportunity to experience the excitement of playing together as a band in our Play in a Band Classes.

Our bands meet once a week to learn and practice new songs and the skills needed to play together.

You'll have chance to learn to play your favourite song and also learn about song-writing so you can write your own.

The bands play gigs regularly and there's even a chance to take nationally recognised exams.

play in a band

Band classes are open to all our instrumental and vocal students but even if you've had lessons elsewhere you can still join these classes.

We take age and playing ability into consideration to help us put together groups of musicians who are well-suited to each other. You are always welcome to come and try a session first completely FREE of charge.

We have top-level tuition from gigging musicians who'll show you how it's done.

Contact us for more info on Play in a Band & check out Song Writing & Composition, if you're new here. 

Don’t let the kids have all the fun. We are starting new Play- In-A-Band classes for adults too. 

Is there a secret Rock n Roll star locked away inside you?

Contact us to book a FREE Taster and learn the ropes of how to play together.

Choir Sheffield

Join our new choir for 8-14 year olds in January 2020 and have yourself a musical new year. 

For more information, head over to our dedicated page for Vocalize