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We’re glad to be welcoming more and more students back from the lockdown and our tutors are working hard to get everyone’s lessons taught before the end of term.

Our regular direct debit lessons finish on Monday 10th August but we’re still open for any outstanding catch ups and block students may continue until the end of Monday 17th August.

From 18th-31st August we’re closed (although this year because of so many unusual circumstances a few tutors might still be teaching through this period. They will contact you personally if this is the case).

We reopen on Tuesday September 1st for all 1-2-1 lessons at the music school.

We’ll be in touch again in September about potential start dates for our group lessons.

Thanks for helping to keep our music school safe by observing all the health and safety rules.


Wow! We are so proud of our youngest music students, some of them only 3 years of age, for keeping going in style throughout the lockdown and what a great reward for 10 of them to gain DISTINCTIONS in their Stave House Awards Level One! Congratulations to you all and we can’t wait to present you with your certificates in September.


It’s a bit last minute and late notice but we’ve also finally got a date to run the LCM exams..... yes, real live exams in the Big Room at the music school. This will give our LCM candidates their long awaited chance to get up to date from both the postponed sessions in March and July. The proposed LCM exam date is Saturday August 1st. 

Don’t worry if you can’t make it because we’re hopeful we will have an alternative date in mid September and we’re hoping to run the December Winter exam session as normal.


RGT are making moves too. We know there won’t be RGT exams in August but hopefully we’ll be booking in RGT to examine for a day in mid September, possibly Sunday 13th September. 

Keep an eye open for updates.


Last but not least, please see our updated 2020-2021 Terms & Conditions sheet. There are no major changes but it’s always a good idea to read the small print which also answers the majority of questions we’re asked throughout the year regarding payments, holiday dates, catch ups etc.

Have a healthy and relaxing summer break and see you September 1st. 


July Update

It’s been another exciting week at the music school with lots more familiar faces coming back for real live lessons.

Our online presence was also highlighted by Monday’s Instagram Live Concert which was a hotbed of talent if ever there was one!

Thanks so much to you all for entertaining us in such style and thanks to Karl for putting it all together so expertly too.

Don’t miss out on the next one...




Put your name down NOW!



Thanks for all the recordings and videos you’ve sent in for the Stand By Me project.

We’ve had a great response which makes it all the more exciting.

Andrew is super busy now using all his creative and technical expertise, not to mention a few touches of magic thrown into the mix. We can’t wait to see how it’s going to turn out!

I’ve heard a few sneak previews of some of the recording mixes and it’s already sounding magnificent. The story board and ideas for the video are so inventive too. This project is going to be a first for AS and I hope it will also be the first of many more to follow.

Watch this space for news of the finished project. 



Debra and Charlotte have started their maternity leaves and we wish them all the best in the exciting times to come.

We’ll keep you posted with their news.



The music school is open for face to face and online lessons until the end of August 17th. For direct debit payers who reach their full lesson allocation before this date please let us know if you’d like some extra lessons as we have some great bargain bundles available.

We’ll be closed after 17th August, ( with a few exceptions possible this year in which case you’ll be contacted individually by your tutor) and we reopen for the new school year on TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 1st.

From September we’re aiming to teach all of our lessons, both 1-2-1 and groups from the music school so please make sure of your September lesson time before we break for the holidays.

We’ll be contacting all groups nearer the time with full details.

In the meantime, thank you for staying safe and respecting the crucial health and safety guidelines at the school, thanks also for your continued support online and best wishes from us all for a healthy and relaxing summer.

Enjoy Making Music Safely at AS Music School 

Latest News


With appropriate safety precautions in place our partial reopening took place on 15th June and it’s lovely seeing so many familiar faces now that students are beginning to return for face to face lessons.


We’re very lucky at the music school to have spacious rooms and lots of equipment so 2m distancing and measures such as having separate keyed instruments and drums for tutors and students in the teaching rooms are enabling us to teach effectively and safely from the music school. 


It’s still possible to continue lessons online for the time being for those of you who prefer it but we’re very happy to hear from you at any point if you fancy returning to face to face. 


From 6th July onwards we’re excited to be reopening our doors for some of our vocals students too. The max time for vocals lessons will be 30 minutes duration and we’ll be teaching from the biggest of our big rooms so distancing will be 3m or more!

Your vocals tutors will be in touch with you personally with suggestions for start back times and days. 


For all students (vocals or instrumentals) who would like to return to face to face lessons all we need is for you to confirm that you’re aware of the safety requirements by copy and pasting the form at the end of the safety information in the email you have been sent onto an email, adding your details and returning it to 


We look forward to hearing from you and also to SEEING YOU, soon!

Monday Music Night Upcoming Events & Latest News

On Monday 15th June we’re prioritising our partial reopening of the music school for some of our 1-2-1 lessons. It will certainly be a “new normal “ with lots of safety measures in place but it’ll be good to see some familiar faces after all this time. If you need any information on options for returning to face to face lessons please email and we’ll be happy to help. Meanwhile the option of online lessons continues to be available and is recommended by tutors and students alike as an enjoyable and worthwhile alternative. 

Thank you to all our students for sticking with us through these difficult times. We really appreciate your loyalty.


MONDAY 22nd JUNE launching at 7.00pm (competition open all week)


Andrew will bombard you with 20 annoyingly familiar tunes that will all be on the tip of your tongue. Do join in and get your friends and family to have a go too. 

To take part all you need to do is visit our Facebook page



Answers will be published on our Facebook page the following week on Monday 29th June and you’ll be able to check your answers and tell us how well you did. 


ALL of JUNE is STAND BY ME month as everybody should know by now! If you don’t know or haven’t joined in yet, just ask your tutor to help you take part. Entries close at the END OF JUNE but that’s just the beginning of our behind the scenes work on compiling and editing which will be taking place before we WOW you with our finished product. Don’t miss out on playing your part in this amazing project; ask your tutors NOW!


Summer is a-coming in and maybe there’ll be more distractions as restrictions are lifted.... but nothing’s going to better our INSTAGRAM LIVE CONCERT on 

MONDAY 6th JULY 7.00pm

Yes.... due to popular demand we’ll run another Instagram Live gig on Monday July 6th because we’ve all enjoyed them so much and we love to see you play.

Please feel free to take part again or to make your debut if not taken part before. Your tutor will help you to prepare.

To take part all you need to do is ask your tutor to put you forward to perform. 


Please note we’ll be closed for lessons from the end of Monday 17th August and we reopen on Tuesday September 1st.

This is slightly different to dates published on our calendars and may also be subject to slight variations between some tutors.

Your tutor will let you know which lessons, if any, will be available during this period.



Future Instagram Live Gigs will start again from Monday 7th September and will continue every month on the first Monday of each month at 7.00pm.

Just remember MONDAY NIGHT is MUSIC NIGHT and you can’t go wrong.

Partial Reopening

We are making plans for a partial reopening of the music school for some of our 1-2-1 lessons but still offering the online option to all of our students if you’d prefer to stay online for the time being. Please check your emails for more details or email us at if you need more information.

Enjoy making music safely at AS Music School

Second Quiz Night
It was great to see so many of you back for the second quiz night last night, and lovely to see some new faces too.
Thanks very much for taking part, massive thanks to Chris and Charlotte for hosting and congratulations to everyone on your was a tricky one and no mistake, but you made it look easy.
And obviously not tricky enough to knock Eddie off the podium, well done Eddie you are AS Music School's quiz champ of the lockdown!
I look forward to presenting you with your prize as soon as we are back at Cobnar Road doing face to face lessons.
As mentioned last night, please keep an eye on our website blog and look out for the email newsletter with more details coming soon of our next brain-teasing event which will be no less than a Music Bingo session.
In the meantime, I hope we see you all again, same time next Monday for the second of our Instagram Live Concerts. The first one was a huge success and such a lovely way for families and friends to get together virtually and share some top class music making.
We have a number of performers already but there's still a chance to join in if you'd like to.
Enjoy making music online at AS Music School and see you again soon.

Music Nights in June

May has been a merry month for music making at AS Music School. Our “Monday Night is Music Night” events have all been a great success and we’re looking forward to our rolling programme continuing to roll into June.

We look forward to as many of you as possible joining in again or having your first try if you didn’t pluck up the courage last time. There really is something for everyone.

Starting Monday 1st June 

Fancy Dress Week

Open to everyone including TUTORS!!!! and very easy to take part!
This week, whilst you're making music, you can be your favourite musician, marvel star, princess or footballer....

Fancy dress can be anything from a silly hat to a full outfit, weird make up, party clothes, sports kits, onesies, the possibilities are limitless. 

All you have to do is;
Dress up for your lesson this week and send us photo!
Dress up whilst you're playing and send us a video!

We can't wait to post your photos and videos and there will even be prizes for outstanding contestants.


Monday 1st June 7.00pm


We’re be back again with another of our amazing quizzes. New quiz contestants are extremely welcome as are all returning quizzers. Eddie Laycock is the current champion and I’m sure he’ll be looking to defend his title. Don't Forget: It's Fancy Dress Week so dress to impress!

This will be held on Monday 1st June on Zoom and will be hosted by our husband and wife tutor-team Charlotte & Chris. Part one is from 7.00-7.30pm, there’ll be a 15 minute break for refreshments ( but no cheating!) and part two is from 7.45-8.15pm. It’s definitely a quiz for EVERYONE.... so we’d love all the family to team up and take part but you’re equally welcome to enter on your own or as a couple.... the only rule is, no searching for answers on your phone!

The Zoom meeting links and IDs for this quiz are:

Part One Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 783 1320 1127
Password: 8rczUW

Part Two Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 788 1375 5326
Password: 3mct2e


Monday 8th June 7.00pm


Anyone who missed the last Instagram Live Concert…where were you?

It was truly amazing….great performances, lovely atmosphere, flawless technology…

It was easily one of the best nights in of the lockdown and also such a lovely way for extended families and friends to meet up virtually, however far apart some might be in real life.

The next concert will be starting at 7.00pm and will be run by Karl. He has a list already but it’s never too late to get your name down…just let your tutor know and they’ll do the rest to make sure you’re involved. The concert is open to anyone who’d like to perform a live solo on any instrument or voice, any level. Covers or originals and all styles and genres will be very welcome. If you would like to take part please contact your tutor, we will then send you the information you will need to perform on the night. To join the audience you need to follow our page on Instagram (@a_s_music_school) and look out for the live symbol on the top of our page at 7:00pm on the 8th. We will make the page private on the night of the performance so please make sure you and any family or friends who would like to watch the concert follow the page before the 8th May, the performance can only be viewed by people who follow our page.

Just remember

MONDAY NIGHT IS MUSIC NIGHT and you can’t go wrong!



There’s already plenty going on behind the scenes towards our mass participation video montage event. It is going to be MASSIVE!

Your tutors will be working with everyone involved in this project and we are aiming for as many of our students to join in as possible.

We want this to be our biggest “gig” ever so do your best to get involved. The aim is for us to create a huge video montage of the Ben E King classic “Stand By Me” performed by as many students of AS Music School as possible. The provisional “performance” date is MONDAY JUNE 29th.

Our First Ever Instagram Live Concert

Last night we had our first ever Instagram Live Concert, and what a concert it was!! Of all the different ideas we have had for activities to keep our students engaged and entertained during lockdown this was always my favourite and I am so glad it went as well as it did.

During the planning of the concert I was amazed by the enthusiasm of our students and their parents and the willingness for them to try something new. We had students who performed at the start of the concert who stayed on to watch the rest of the performances. We had relatives and friends of the students who were playing, who logged in to watch. We even had parents of students who weren’t playing in the concert who logged in and showed their support.

One of the great aspirations I had for the Instagram live concert was that friends and family members who maybe don’t live locally so wouldn’t normally be able to attend one of our concerts could watch this online. Also that friends and family who were isolating separately during the lockdown would get to see their friends/family performing. All of the comments and messages throughout the show were so enthusiastic and encouraging and it just highlights what a positive and supportive culture we have at our school.

I’m sure a number of the students who performed felt nervous beforehand but none of them showed it! Everyone who performed had a big beaming smile which was brilliant to see and the feedback that we have had is that they really enjoyed playing. I always think this experience of performing, especially at a young age, can be so advantageous in other areas of life such as public speaking or doing presentations at work, or even playing music in front of a sold out stadium full of fans!

One thing I really love about our school is the inclusivity and I always enjoy seeing this presented at our concerts. Last night was no different. We had students performing of a variety of different ages, instruments and genres. Two of our students had written the songs they were performing. Some students sang golden oldies and others modern pop songs. There was no planning involved in creating this variety, it just happened naturally.

We already had a number of students interested in doing a 2nd Instagram Live Concert and immediately after last night’s concert we had four more students express their interest after watching it. So keep your eyes out for the next one!

Online Music Quiz
Hi everyone!
It was great to see so many familiar faces at the quiz on Monday evening.
Thanks very much for taking part, thanks to Marie for hosting and congratulations to everyone on your scores and especially big congrats from us all to Eddie for winning.
Now that we know it works (!) we’re happy to confirm that Quiz Number Two will be held on Monday 1st June at the same start time of 7.00pm.
Please make a note of your score tonight ( out of the maximum possible of 24) and make sure to sign in for the next chance to sharpen your musical wits on 1st June. We have a mystery prize lined up for the winner of the whole series. We know what the prize is ( I guarantee you won’t be disappointed to win it) but we don’t know how long the series is because that kind of depends on coronavirus!
Keep an eye on our website blog and look out for the email newsletter for regular updates.
Please tell your music school friends to join us on 1st June... they’ve still got a chance to walk away with the prize... and I hope we see you all again, same time next Monday for the first of our Instagram Live Concert!
Enjoy making music online at AS Music School

Monday Night Is Music Night
and more news at AS Music School.
We’re very excited to announce our events for this term and we look forward to as many of you as possible joining in as many of them as possible. There’s something for everyone here including an amazing opportunity for us to hold our biggest event ever, even though we may still be in lockdown mode! Just remember 
MONDAY NIGHT IS MUSIC NIGHT and you can’t go wrong!
Monday 4th May 7.00pm 
First up we have our amazing 
This will be held on Monday 4th May on Zoom and will be hosted by our smiliest of tutors, Marie. Part one is from 7.00-7.30, there’ll be a 15 minute break for refreshments ( but no cheating!) and part two is from 7.45-8.15. It’s definitely a quiz for EVERYONE.... so we’d love all the family to team up and take part but you’re equally welcome to enter on your own or as a couple.... the only rule is, no searching for answers on your phone!
The zoom meeting codes for this quiz are (Part 1) and 
Monday 11th May 7.00pm 
This will take place the following Monday, 11th May starting at 7.00pm and will be run by Karl. The tutors have already been scouting for talent and we’ve a list of ready and willing performers but we’re always happy to have more so get your name down now! The concert is open to anyone who’d like to perform a live solo on any instrument or voice, any level. Covers or originals and all styles and genres will be very welcome. If you would like to take part please contact your tutor, we will then send you the information you will need to perform on the night. To join the audience you need to follow our page on Instagram (@a_s_music_school) and look out for the live symbol on the top of our page at 7:00pm on the 11th. We will make the page private on the night of the performance so please make sure you and any family or friends who would like to watch the concert follow the page before the 11th May, the performance can only be viewed by people who follow our page.
Monday 18th May 7.00pm 
We’re also very keen to receive self recorded videos from all of you, (soloists, groups or bands are all welcome), performing a complete performance of any piece of music of your choice. We will then be posting these videos throughout the week commencing 18th May. 
To get your video played on our social media outlets during this week commencing please send it to your tutor by Whatsapp/ iMessage prior to the 18th May. 
Rolling Programme Of Events
With your help we aim to be rolling out these entertainments whilst ever the lockdown lasts, and hopefully once we’re back at the music school too. 
..... But there’s more! In lieu of our big summer gig we are proud to present our
This mass participation event is going to be prepared over a 4 week period and is open to everyone, all ages, instruments, voices etc as long as you’re able to learn to play the song! Your tutor will be able to give you all the details soon so you can start to prepare your part. We’re aiming for as many of our students to join in as possible because unlike our usual gigs, this time there’s no limit on numbers! The chosen song is the classic Ben E King’s “Stand By Me”. The aim at the end of the 4 weeks is for us to create a huge video montage of the song performed by as many students of AS Music School as possible. We have the technology ( we think!), we have the talent ( we know!)..... so stand by for instructions and let’s get making music.
We’re currently submitting exam entries for the summer session with a provisional date of July 5th ( and possibly overflowing onto 4th) We’re hoping for a live exam session at the music school but there’s a fallback plan to enter for Recorded Exams or postpone if the live session is not able to go ahead. If you’ve not already discussed doing your grades with your tutor please get in touch with them soon because the closing date for entries is 7th May 2020.
Band Classes are up and running again, weekly from 1st May and we’ve promised some exciting live sessions for each band in our Big Room once it’s safe to gig again.
The Musico App is going down really well with our students.... here’s a sample of the feedback we’ve received.
"Musico is really cool. I love that I can ask my tutor questions in between the lessons."

"Our tutor puts the work up on Musico really fast so we can see right away what we need to work on for the next week."

"As a parent Ive really benefited from is being able to actually hear what the pieces should sound like whilst at home.  So I can know what they are aiming for.  It means they or me  can help correct  by ear as well as by reading the notes."

"It helps me to know what the piece should sound and I like that I can slow it down and play along with it whilst I’m learning."

"It makes me want to practise more! This way I know what  the notes  should sound like and it sounds like a tune and then I really  want to learn it."
If you’ve not made use of your free trial yet then it’s definitely recommended

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all our students and parents and thank you for sticking with us in these difficult times. We appreciate your continuing support and loyalty.

I’m sure you’ll join with us in sending massive thanks to all the many frontline workers who are doing so much to help us all stay safe and healthy; for the NHS, the bin men, the shop workers and so many others. Wishing you all a peaceful and healthy Easter.


Two Weeks Online

It’s two weeks since we shut the doors at the music school to go online and I’d like to convey our heartfelt thanks to all our students and parents, for your support, your loyalty and your positivity at this stressful and uncertain time for everyone.

We are really touched by all the positive messages and encouragement we’ve received, it has made a big difference to all of us over the past weeks and it means a lot.

We are totally committed to doing all we can for our students and it’s been lovely to see that feeling coming back to us by so many of you showing your commitment to our music lessons and to us.

The tutors are amazing ( we knew that anyway) in the way they’ve risen to the challenge of moving over to online lessons at such short notice with all the learning and reorganisation that’s involved.

It’s certainly been a full-on two weeks and whilst it’s probably not going to be quite the Easter holiday some people had in mind, it is definitely going to be a well earned and welcome break ( hopefully with at least a little chocolate indulgence) as we close up from this afternoon, Saturday 4th April.

But, never fear, we’ll be back supercharged and raring to go from Tuesday April 14th with all our 1-2-1 lessons and Stave House classes running ( online) as normal.
From May 1st we expect to have our online band classes up and running and in addition we’re currently laying plans to restart our group lessons again soon as well.

Wishing you all the best of health and a Happy Easter.
Stay safe and enjoy making music.
Many thanks from Anne and everyone at AS Music School.


Online Music Lessons With A S Music School

Our Online Lessons are up and running and going down a storm!

"Hi there, 
Just to say Eddie loved his online piano lesson today. 
Big thank you to Nicola for all her hard work."

"Massive thanks for a creative solution in continuing to provide lessons, it’s much appreciated."

"We are indeed very fortunate to have you, Charlotte and all the other teachers and staff at the music school who work so hard to keep things up and running. It is really something for the children to look forward to in these difficult times." 

"Just had our first online music lesson and it was fab! We really enjoyed and even now he was saying that it’s so cool doing it through the phone as we can stay in our pjs!haha 

A huge thank you to Charlotte and all at AS Music School for continuing the lessons and trying to keep some normality for our little ones. 

Thank you for all your hard work! x"

"You are all doing a fab job. It so great the kids can still have their lessons, see their tutors and have a bit of normality even though it’s not quite what they are used to. Thank you! xx"

"Thank you to Charlotte and Nicola. Jonny and Conor had great lessons today. I
would never have imagined how straight forward this was to do. Thanks again ladies"????

Let us know how you're getting along with our online classes and we'd be more than happy to post it on our social media and blog. Thank you!

Friday 20th 2020

This evening after lessons finish we are closing our physical doors in response to restrictions regarding Coronavirus. 

BUT we will be continuing with all our lessons online so please make sure you have received all the necessary information from your tutors. 

If not please contact us NOW on

Please note that our Easter Holiday dates are now slightly amended to 6-13th April at your tutor's discretion in order to teach catch-ups if applicable. 

Enjoy Making Music Online with A S Music School! 

And just to cheer us all up, here are two videos from our amazing gigs from last week!

Online Music Lessons Package 19/03/20

We are very excited and proud to be offering our online lessons experience to you!

Our students will get the chance to make music in their own homes, get up off the sofa, keep fingers and brains active and have fun making music in the days ahead. We feel that giving our students something to look forward to and aim towards each week is going to be more important than ever with children and parents home together 24/7.

All of our students have been sent an email containing the full details of how we will be offering these online lessons. If you did not receive the email sent 19/03/20 please email us straight away at and we will reply by return. 

Finally, we can’t thank you enough for your loyalty and support. As always, we will go over and above for all our students so if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our physical doors close at the end of lessons on Friday 20th March 2020 and we look forward to continuing our musical journey with you online.

Latest Exam News

Firstly an important message for all our exam candidates due to take exams this Sunday 22nd March at AS Music School: both the RGT and LCM exam boards have contacted us to say they are postponing all exams for the time being.

They will be in touch again to offer alternative exam dates later in the year and/or the option to choose a digital exam instead of the traditional format. As soon as we receive more details from them we’ll pass them on to you.

RSL Exams coming your way soon

Whilst we’re on the subject of exams here’s an update on our work with ROCKSCHOOL. 

As some of you will know we’re in the process of moving some of our exam work over from RGT to the Rockschool exam board. They are very much leaders in the field when it comes to using technology to help towards preparation for music exams with many useful and accessible online tools. As the present time sees us preparing to teach lessons online during the coronavirus pandemic it’s going to tie in well to be working with RSL as well.

Of course we’ll still be using the LCM syllabus for all our classical students but RSL also opens up the opportunity for our students to learn, play and make exam progress in subjects such as Pop Piano styles and has very attractive syllabuses for Electric Guitar or Drum Kit, for example. We’ll keep you posted on any developments. 

Music Lessons Update

Following last night’s government announcement we are still continuing with our 1-2-1 lessons with additional precautions as follows:

The waiting room will not be in use,meaning that students will come in for their lessons and go straight out afterwards. If you need to accompany a student you’ll be able to go to the teaching room with them.

The 1-2-1 lessons will be taught with students at a safe distance (2m) from their tutors. Tutors will be opening the teaching room doors for students in order to minimise contact.

We’ll only be taking payments by card.

We’ll continue to take hygiene precautions as before. Please continue to follow these guidelines yourselves.

On a brighter note, we’re very positive about our preparations for lessons to continue via distance learning. We have a new App which we’ll be releasing later this week for all our students and this, together with the potential for teaching lessons using Skype and FaceTime puts us in a good position to continue teaching lessons in any eventuality.

Coronavirus Update
For anyone who missed our blog last week (below this blog) we’d like to draw your attention to the precautions we’re continuing to take to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus.
PLEASE do YOUR part to help.
1. Make use of the hand sanitizer in the dispenser before you enter the waiting room.
2. Please wash your hands before your music lesson.
3. Our tutors are using anti bacterial wipes to clean piano keys etc between every lesson
to ensure they’re kept clean.
4. If you’re not well, please stay at home.
5. And please be assured, in the case of government restrictions resulting in our not being able to continue to deliver music lessons to you in person, we will make arrangements for you to continue your lessons with us online with various options available.

International Women's Day 2020
International Women's Day 2020
Sunday March 8th was International Woman’s Day. As good a time as any to celebrate women in music. Like any other art-form or walk of life women have faced disadvantages and discrimination over the years in the world of music and like women everywhere and throughout all time, many have overcome those discouragements to shine through as an inspiration to the rest.
Even in my own lifetime ( well ok I’ve been around quite a few years I guess!) I’ve seen and experienced many changes to the stereotypical female roles for musicians that prevailed when I was younger.
There’s always scope for more progress I’m sure but I’m loving that for instance when I pop on the radio for my weekly helping of jazz at the weekend, there are always female jazzers talking and playing, and, on the classical side of things there are more women composers being played and women conducting orchestras. Instruments seem to have lost some of their traditional stereotyping too.... certainly at AS we have girls and women learning every instrument we teach. 
I thought I’d list my top 3 women in music who have meant a lot to me one way or another in my life ..... but it’s turned out to be quite a challenge to whittle down the list!
So I’m cheating and having 3 categories instead. If you check out the links you will see why I’ve been spoilt for choice ( and not a Spice Girl in sight!)

Category 1: Classical Composers
Three very different ladies of yesteryear; Clara managed an amazing concert performance career as a pianist and a composed as well although her music has only relatively recently begun to be performed. She was of course the wife of Robert Schumann ( who got rather more recognition!) and they worked together as a team with Clara often giving first performances of his compositions. A rather sad entry in her notebook explains that she didn’t have as much time for her own composition or as much headspace as she’d have wished. Quite possibly because she also had a family of eight kids to look after!
Fanny Hensel was Felix Mendelssohn’s sister and some of her piano pieces have recently made it onto the LCM exam syllabus. Lovely stuff.... have a go at playing them yourself and you’ll see.
And Ethel?.... well, where shall I start? An active member of the suffragette movement who fought for votes for women, just listen to her orchestral music to get a sense of what she was like. Quite a character I’d say....Don’t mess with Ethel!

Category 2: Stand Up For Your Rights
Maybe needing a little less introduction than the first category? Nina Simone and Joan Baez have very different musical styles but both stood up for their beliefs in the civil rights and protest movements in the USA. Back in the day I was always trying to listen to Nina’s piano playing rather than her vocals on my old mono vinyls.... quite a challenge as they were always balanced to promote her as a singer. It’s worth the effort, she’s amazing! And Joan Baez is the main reason I got started on guitar. For years I replayed her songs again and again, writing out all the lyrics, working out the chords and copying her finger picking styles. When I was 11 my dad finally bought me her song book which made the job a lot easier ( thanks dad!) and I still play from it today.

Category 3: Inspirational Performers 
I admire all these performers for going their own way in music. Joanna McGregor on piano, Evelyn Glennie a percussionist extraordinaire, Diedre Cartwright is such a cool guitar player I’ve loved listening to her play for years and I’ve picked Christine McVie as a band musician who played a crucial part as writer and performer in Fleetwood Mac.
Finally in a category of her own, I’d like a special mention to go to Pauline Hall, creator of so many exciting and inspiring piano tutor books and music for pianists. An impressive legacy that must have helped so many people set out on a life long voyage of discovery of music.
Happy listening!

Let's beat Coronavirus
wash your hands

Hi there, we want to let you know we value the well being of all our students and staff at this difficult time. We are committed to creating a clean and hygienic environment for us all.

We have hand sanitisers and tissues available as well as antibacterial wipes for use on piano keys and other instruments between each lesson.

We can all help reduce the spread of illness by washing our hands regularly and covering our mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing.

If you are sick or experiencing any flu-like symptoms, we kindly request you to remain indoors and avoid contact with other people if you have travelled to the UK from specified locations on this provided list

wash your hands to prevent germs spreading
Additionally, you can visit the NHS website or contact them directly at 111 for more information on safety measures you can take.
We will continue to monitor the situation closely and keep you informed as we hear more.
Stay safe and keep on enjoying making music!

*But February made me shiver...
playing guitar is fun
As all Don McLean devotees and Tyson Fury fans will know!
Last night we certainly left any bad weather and “bad news on the doorstep”* and partied on to the Big Room at AS Music School for an adult students’ open mic and social night that really went with a swing.

singing lessons can help you achieve your desired goals
We love our Big Room and I think you must do too because we were almost at capacity well before kick off.

With plenty of cake and tea and a local Sheffield quiz that really had everyone using bits of their grey matter they’d forgotten they’d got, there was a great atmosphere and feeling of community. 

students enjoy making music in sheffield

It’s great when our students feel they belong to the music school rather than just coming for lessons.

Enjoy Making Music at AS Music School
Best of all though, was the music; what a great night of happy music making!
We had a good mix of solos from singers and piano players and tunes from our Folk Band, both the Singing Groups and the Ukulele Group.

There were a couple of mass participation numbers which were great fun with everyone joining in either singing or playing along and the evening was topped off with a stellar performance from our guitar tutor Liam who astonished everyone with his guitar wizardry.

sheffield open mic 2020
Thanks to everyone, students, supporters and staff for coming along, for joining in and making the evening such an enjoyable one.
Keep your eyes peeled on the events page of our website and social media for the next one and for all our other upcoming events too.
Enjoy making music at AS Music School.

*American Pie by Don McLean topped the charts a long long time ago ( well, 1972) and people have been discussing the lyrics ever since. It’s a great song to play and sing.... as demonstrated bizarrely by boxing champ Tyson Fury after his recent victory over Deontay Wilder.

Recycling our waste
Recycle Sheffield 2020

Our refuse collectors provide us with an amazing service whereby a lot more items can be recycled than you might expect.


refuse sheffield

Please help us to help the planet by using the correct bin. Check the labels on our bins and help reduce landfill. 

31st January.... never mind Brexit and tax deadlines;

Happy 83rd birthday to Philip Glass! An American composer famed for his minimalist style Glass has written everything from string quartets to film music to opera.

Check out his Etoile Polaire from the North Star album for a taste of his solo piano sounds. And if you’d like to play it yourself or learn how to write your own minimalist music....get in touch now and we’ll be happy to help. Visit our dedicated Piano & Keyboard page

Happy Burns Night!

25th January is the birthday of Scotland’s favourite poet, Robbie Burns, traditionally celebrated with a special meal of Haggis, neeps & tatties with much singing, dancing and skirling of the bagpipes thrown in.

Here are my Top 5 tunes with a Scottish flavour for your enjoyment:

 1.The Skye Boat Song 

Based on a traditional Scottish air with words written in the 19th Century telling the tale of Bonnie Prince Charlie’s escape to the Isle of Skye. This song has been a roaring success for 100s of years in versions too many to mention. Kenneth McKellor was a regular household name in the 1970s thanks to his annual appearances on the BBC’s Hogmanay programme each New Year. A far cry from Jools Holland’s Hootenanny!

Want to hone up your classical singing technique? We have expert vocals tutors who can work with you whatever your style. Singing lessons, Sheffield S8 8QB at AS Music School. Find out more here by visiting our dedicated Singing Lessons page. 

2.Will Ye Go Lassie Go

The Corries were a Scottish folk duo specialising in traditional songs and featuring Roy Williamson a multi instrumentalist along with vocals from Ronnie Brown. Between them they brought the sound of trad Scottish folk to many audiences from the 60s-90s both in the folk clubs and on TV, and their Flower of Scotland became an anthem for the Scottish Rugby Team

Experience playing a variety of traditional music at our Folk Group on Monday nights or get in touch now for some 1-2-1 acoustic guitar lessons with our versatile and accomplished guitar team. Guitar lessons Sheffield S8 8QB at AS Music School.

3.My Bonnie 

This is a Scottish Nursery song and I remember it all the way back from the weekly singing session at my junior school when a lady called Mrs Griffiths came to play the piano and “do” singing with us in the draughty dining room across the yard. We’d start out shivering and end up singing our hearts out. Good old Mrs G. My Bonnie also came in handy later as a cheat for aural tests in my music exams as it starts with the interval of a Major 6th.

Singing together is great for the soul. Come along for a Free Lesson to one of our Singing Groups... Mondays for ladies, Wednesdays mixed voices, and Vocalize for 8-14 year olds. 

For early learners join us for a Stave House class and experience music brought to life for our young musicians.

And if you’re wondering what a Major 6th is... call us now for further info on 1-2-1 and small group Music Theory Lessons in classical, jazz or pop. Enjoy making music at AS Music School.

4.I’m Gonna Be (500 miles)

Another famous duo from Scotland are The Proclaimers and their catchy songs continue to enjoy great popularity with all age groups.

Our bands love to play this song. 

If you’d like to take a Free Trial for one of Play-In-A-Band classes call us now and get in on the action!

5.Farewell to Stromness

Is a beautiful piano solo written by the late great Sir Peter Maxwell Davies who though Lancashire born moved to The Orkneys from the 1970s until his death in 2016.

His music spans many styles but nothing beats the beautiful simplicity and power of this tune. 

Get into piano playing for yourself! Piano lessons Sheffield S8 8QB at AS Music School.

Exam Presentations 2020

Welcome to 2020 and here’s hoping it’s going to be a year that’s packed with even more exciting musical experiences than 2019.

First though we’re looking back to the recent Winter Exam Week in December where 42 of our students  took exams in Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Ukulele, Pop Music Vocals, Music Theatre, Violin and Music Theory with the internationally recognised exam boards LCM and RGT. And Wow, did they rise to the music exam challenge?.... You bet they did!

RGT and LCM exam presentations 2020

The results speak for themselves:

35 Distinctions 

7 Merits 

One candidate scored 100%

19 candidates scored in the 90s

Music awards Sheffield 2020

So it was with great pleasure and pride that we all celebrated in our Big Room Awards Ceremonies on Wednesday and Saturday last week. It was a lovely event as these photos show and a well deserved reward for everyone.


The Week Before Christmas
Music Christmas
It’s getting busier by the minute at AS Music School right now. Saturday afternoon sees the start of our Winter exam session for LCM and Sunday we’ve exams for both LCM and RGT Best of luck from all of us to all the candidates. We’ve just under 40 of our students taking exams this time so it’s going to be an exciting weekend.... Go for it guys, you can do it!

PACT Sheffield

On Monday (16th December) we’re starting our Week Before Christmas events with a singalong of Christmas songs & carols from 7.00-9.00 at the music school. Open to all and with words ( and music) provided there’s no excuse to miss this fun event.

We’ll be collecting for PACT a Sheffield charity that helps families of children with leukaemia. Come and join us!


Music Competition

We love singing Christmas songs so much we’ll be singing again on Friday 20th between? Make sure you don’t miss these fun events guaranteed to get everyone into a festive mood!

Every day from Monday to Saturday next week we NEED YOUR HELP to find a name for our bear and to guess how many sweets there are in this jar... Bring your pocket money, small change or big notes and help us raise funds for PACT all week from 16th-21st December.

Christmas 2019

You’ll also have chance to decorate your own Christmas Biscuits make a marshmallow snowman and make your own Christmas tree decorations! And, not forgetting our Final Fling of 2019 gig on Tuesday 17th, this is going to be our most exciting end of term ever.

Merry Christmas

“Oh I wish it could be Christmas every day, when the kids start singing and the band begins to play....”

Happy Christmas everyone!

Winter Mixture




Our Winter Mixture Gig went off brilliantly on Sunday night with absolutely amazing performances from everyone who took part. Yellow Arch was buzzing with a great crowd to support our students.

Our good friends at Yellow Arch Studio are always a pleasure to work with and their facilities are great for our gigs. Make sure you check them out here

We're now looking forward to our last gig of 2019 - ‘The Final Fling Of 2019’ which will be held at The Greystones on Tuesday 17th December. Our tutors are busy as always, making sure every student is ready to rock for our last big night out of 2019.

We do gigs because at AS Music School we ENJOY MAKING MUSIC!

We love giving our awesome students real life experiences of playing proper gigs. Our expert tutors are all experienced performers themselves so we know our students are in good hands. Because we are a large music school, we have the student numbers to put on a good variety of events throughout the year for all ages and showcasing many different instruments and styles. Find out more here.

You can find out more about our previous gigs by heading over to our Social Media. Once you’re on there, why not give us a follow and share us to receive the latest updates first?

What else do we do?

We are Sheffield’s leader in Music Tuition for over 30 years and we offer 1-2-1 and group music lessons for all ages and abilities. Why not find out more by visiting our dedicated music lessons pages here - Guitar Lessons , Drum Lessons, Piano & Keyboard Lessons, Ukulele Lessons, Early Learning Music ClassesMusical Stories (Newborn - 3 years old), Violin Lessons, Adult Singing Groups, Adult Ukulele Groups & Play In A Band Class

Want to be a part of AS Music School?

Great! We offer a FREE TASTER LESSON for you to come along and see for yourself who we are and what we do. Contact us today to get the next available slot.

Lancashire Day
November 27th is Lancashire Day and here’s a great excuse to celebrate it even if you’re Yorkshire through and through.
In 1902 one of the UK’s best composers, William Walton, was born in Oldham, Lancs. In a career spanning 60 years he wrote in lots of different styles and genres but he only ever wrote one set of pieces for Classical Guitar, his 5 Bagatelles.
These were written specifically for the guitarist Julian Bream who can be seen playing Bagatelle no2 in the clip below. I love this piece and it shows how well Walton researched the instrument before writing for it by the way he uses so many beautiful and unusual sound ideas.
My favourite part of the video clip is the lovely moment at the end where William Walton says Julian Bream has played it better than he could have written it!
If you want to try playing this piece it’s around Grade 8 level and has some tricky technical moments with the harmonics and achieving the tone colour is a fascinating challenge. This piece is so hypnotic you might easily get hooked on playing it once you’ve mastered it.

What's been and gone and what's yet to come...
Halloween concert at AS Music School 2019

It already seems ages since our Halloween Spectacular at Yellow Arch. What a day that was!

No less than 3 gigs in one sesh and something for everyone from our tiniest tots to our more mature (?) students and all stages in between.

Halloween fancy dress

The outfits at the fancy dress parade for the 3-8 year olds were as amazing as their performances, the 8-teens performers were just flawless, the standard of their gig was truly impressive (and they were very good at the spooky quiz too!)and the adult students were, well... out of this world! 

Bluebell Wood Hospice

We raised a massive £341.11 for Bluebell Wood Hospice from the raffle and the cake sale.

Thanks very much to everyone who came to support, to Yellow Arch for looking after us so well and to all our lovely students and staff without whom there’d be no AS Music School.

AS Music School Open Mic 2019

After a week off to get our breath back, November 6th saw us in our splendid Big Room at the music school for the adult students Social & Open Mic Night.

We had a great turnout and a fab variety of tunes including several lovely vocals numbers, a ukulele trio, piano duet, folk fiddle & guitar, a drum solo and some splendid accordion playing! All accompanied by coffee and home made cakes, a chance for a chat and an opportunity to pool our brain cells to solve the quiz. 

Thanks to everyone who came along and if you missed it this time, don’t worry, we’ll be having another one soon.... keep an eye on our website events page and the publicity boards in the waiting room!

LCM Awards night




Two days later and some very special students indeed were featured in the London College of Music awards night for the highest scorers in the region’s music exams this year.

We were very proud to see two of our young piano players and three guitarists receive prizes for their scores in the high 90s. Each and every one of them played beautifully and were a credit to themselves and the school. Special mention and big respect to Benul for also winning the Musician of the Year trophy.

So.... what’s next in this non stop roller coaster of musical activity?

Here goes;

16th December - Big XMAS Sing 7:00 - 9:00 in The Big Room/Waiting Room. Drop in sing - along Carols and Christmas songs for all, song sheets provided collection for PACT. 

17th December - Final Fling Of 2019 Doors open 7:00 & start at 7:30 at the Greystones. For singers, keys & strings. See publicity/ ask your tutor for details. Raffle for PACT. Tickets can be purchased here



20th December - Big XMAS Sing 4:00 - 5:00 in The Big Room/Waiting Room. Drop in sing- along carols and Christmas songs for all, song sheet provided collection for PACT. 

All week activities & competitions in the Big room/ waiting room raising finds for PACT. Guess the name of the teddy, guess the number of sweets in the jar, decorate your own Xmax biscuits, make a marshmellow snowman, cut and colour decorations for your tree and treat yourself to home made biscuits and cakes. Bring your pocket money & your big notes and help make a difference to Sheffield's families of children and tumours & leukaemia. 

All week - Wear your Xmas jumpers! (Staff & Students please.) Plus pop up big sings at various times during the week, no need to announce them, you'll feel the Noize! 

Join us for a Festive Sing & share the love this Christmas with AS Music School 

Enjoy Making Music at AS Music School.

Let Nature Sing
As many of you know by now, walking in the countryside is one of my great loves. And a favourite aspect of this for me (and the reason why I like to go on my own!) is that I love to listen to all the sounds around me as I walk. I’ve come across some amazing sound effects caused by nature but one of the weirdest was on a windy hillside near Bradwell in The Peak District where the wind was whistling through a metal five bar gate. As I stood and listened I realised this was like a real piece of music. It contained all 7 elements of music without anyone having composed it. 
Tone color:

If you want to know more about this click here

A truly surreal experience.

More obvious than musical gates, birdsong is a lovely treat for the ears when out in the countryside and has inspired many composers over the years.

Here’s my top 5 all time favourites. Have a listen and let me know yours and don’t forget to see how you can get involved in Let Nature Sing on the17th. 
1.Ralph Vaughan Williams: The Lark Ascending Listen here
2. Fredrick Delius: On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring Listen here
3. Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony ( 2nd movement) Listen here
4. Blackbird: Lennon & McCartney Listen here
5. The Chattering Magpie played by The Chieftains Listen here

What's Happening?

Our first event of the new school year was a feast for the taste buds. Thanks to everyone who came along to our Macmillan Coffee Morning and helped to raise a splendid total of £118.07. Thanks also to
everyone who baked those scrumptious cakes (especially the Lemon Drizzle!) Check out Macmillan 

We’re looking forward to seeing you at various events we’ve got happening this term, there are certainly plenty to choose from.

First up we have our Halloween Spectacular which will be held at Yellow Arch on Sunday 20th October.
Yellow Arch is an amazing venue if you didn’t already know that. There’ll be something for everyone on the 20th with 3 different age-based concerts in one day:

• 2.00-3.00pm is for some spooky sounds played by our youngest students complete with a fancy
dress parade and prizes.

• 3.40-5.00pm is for ages 9-teens to play their scariest tunes with fancy dress and a spooky quiz.

• Last but not least from 7.30pm it’ll be the chance for our adult students to dress up and strut their stuff on the iconic Yellow Arch stage. We’ll also be holding a not to be missed Autumnal Raffle.

Don’t forget your spending money for spooky tuck shop treats happening all night and the excellent
Yellow Arch bar and coffee facilities on tap for adults too.

Tickets are on sale at Ticket Source and for more information please see the poster in the waiting room. This is going to be our BIGGEST event ever so please help to make it our BEST one too!

In November we’re kicking off with a social and open mic for our adult students in the Big Room at AS on Wednesday 6th November from 8.30pm There’ll be teas, coffee, cakes & biscuits, and lots of chance to chat. If you fancy jamming along, joining in or giving us a song or a tune, it’s a perfect opportunity to get up and have a go in a small, friendly & supportive atmosphere.




On November 8th many of us will be going along to the Library Theatre to support our prize winning students who’ve gained highest marks in their exam grades this year in the Sheffield region. We’re very proud to have seven prize winners this year and to keep our unbroken record of prize winning students every year so far this century. To buy tickets for this event please contact LCM 

November 16th & 17th

How to Make Music is a very exciting weekend course coming soon to the Big Room at AS Music School. You’ll be able to learn songwriting, improvisation skills, join in a rhythmic percussion workshop and literally learn how to make your very own music. Every student will build a portfolio over the weekend which will be submitted to us for accreditation and a certificate showing your achievements on completion. This is music theory made real!

Students who attend the How to Make Music course will, in one weekend, provide themselves with enough Theory knowledge to be able to progress onto their next practical grade without taking a theory exam! Living theory and practical musicianship from beginner to advanced. This course will change your life!


Our tutors are keen to share their teaching experiences and what better way to do this than by teaching an “open lesson”. It’s a valuable experience for the students and family & friends get to see a lesson in action which helps everyone appreciate what goes on in our lessons and how to get the most out of them. Ask your tutor when there’s a space for you to take part and invite whoever you want to come along and see you having your lesson.

Big Room Concerts are also a great way to get a taste for performing in front of just some of your family
and friends as part of your lesson and with the support of your tutor.
Get practising now and talk to your tutor about what dates are available for you to give your very own concert to your very own audience. We’ll have more details again nearer the time but get the dates in your diary now for our two Christmas gigs:

Sunday 8th - December Band Gig at Yellow Arch

Tuesday 17th - December Singers' Concert at The Greystones

We’re also looking forward to a community Christmas sing-along in the Big Room and our Xmas Fair in he waiting room, more details and dates coming soon. So much to do and so many opportunities, make the most of being part of AS Music School and enjoy making music.

Welcome Back!

Hey! Let’s get back to AS Music School and make some new music this September! Well I hope you did take a break as advised?

Now it’s time to get back into practice and it’s important that you don’t allow yourself to be wracked with guilt through not having played all summer and don’t be demoralised because you’re all fingers and thumbs and you sound awful.... all very well, you might say but what am I supposed to do now?!

Well it’s different for everyone getting back into music but I think the secret is to be kind to yourself, be realistic and set yourself up with an achievable routine. The importance of routine is key to success in most things and it’s definitely one of the life skills that taking music lessons helps to instil. Obviously the routine is going to be different for a beginner or an advanced student but whatever your level and whatever you’re aiming for, ease yourself in gently and remember that music is here for you ( and all of us) to enjoy.

Little and often is a great way to make progress but it’s also possible to progress and keep your interest going on 3 or 4 practices a week. Pick something that works for you.... and if it doesn’t work, try a different plan.

I haven’t played the piano all summer and now it’s September I’m going to try to make sure that I play more days each week than I miss ( so 4/7 is ok and more than that is great .....if I feel like it.)

I’ve had a great time in the last couple of days working out what I’m going to play and I’m pretty excited because I’ve sent off for some new music, (having listened to it on YouTube first and decided it’s probably slow enough for me to get my fingers around.)

I’ve chosen 4 piano pieces all by English composers because the music reminds me of the English countryside I walked through on my holiday doing the Coast to Coast walk from the Lake District to Robin Hoods Bay.

I’ve purposely picked some pieces that are easy and one that’s hard. I’ll be letting you know how I get on. I’d love to hear from you too, tell us about your practice routines, what you’re gonna be playing this Autumn and share your tips so we can all Enjoy Making Music.

Back Door

Nearing the end of my Coast to Coast journey tonight I’m staying at The Lion Inn high up on Blakey Ridge on the North Yorkshire Moors. It’s a pub with many a tale to tell but I’ll never forget the first time I wandered in here off the wild moorland, many many years ago, back in the 70s, only to find I’d stepped into some surreal free jazz jam session with some of the most amazing sounds I’d ever heard. It certainly was an ear-opener of a day.

I’d accidentally stumbled across 70s jazz fusion band Back Door who hung out at this lonely venue thanks to the appreciation of the then landlord who even financed their first album back in the day. Sad to say when I googled Back Door just now for more info to jog my memory all that came up was B&Q and Screwfix! If anyone can find a link to get a listen to their sounds please listen in, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed! Long live live music!



Beautiful Swaledale


As some of you may know there were flash floods in Swaledale last week causing roads and bridges to collapse and extensive damage to people’s homes and livelihoods.

The flooding took place just as I set off on Day 1 of my Coast to Coast hike across England and today I arrived in the northern part of Swaledale. I am staying at a B&B with a musical host, please have a look at the following local tune and a link to Beautiful Swaledale being sung by the local community choir as they launch their fundraising initiative.

Better still get practising and learn the song for yourselves! 

Best wishes from a wet and soggy Swaledale with an amazing community spirit.


Video link: 

Take A Break

Take a break, pause a little(pause sign) rest a while (rest sign)

We all know that in music, as in many things, routine is important. But it's also important to take a break from routine and we'd like you to do just that this August. Students and staff, young and old, beginner or advanced; take a break and we’ll all be back and buzzing from September.

You don’t have to hang up your drum sticks and plectrums or lock down the piano lid entirely but do get out and about and use your holidays to check out what’s happening in the world of music, away from weekly lessons and practice routines. It’s all out there for you to discover whether it’s the sound of rain drumming on a caravan roof, the mishmash of fairground sounds or the amusement arcades, the purity of bird song and the wind in the trees, or the chance to pull in a festival or a Prom concert. Try a new musical experience this summer.

We know from our recent Original Music Challenge that many of you love to create your own music so do listen out for inspiration this summer and don’t be scared to have a go if you’ve never tried before. Making your own music is all about expressing yourself, there are no wrong notes and the ideas are all around you and we’d absolutely love to hear anyone’s new tunes as soon as we’re back.

If you like performing, keep your ears and eyes open.... lots of holiday venues have singers nights, open mic nights, karaoke and talent competitions..... (and they’re often not a patch on our gigs!).... so get out there and give ‘em a tune. If it all goes pear shaped well no one knows you, anyway! We’d love to hear from you if you play any live music this summer.

Holiday venues are often great for live music events so stop and listen whenever there’s the chance whether it’s a brass band in the park, a pianist in a cafe or a metal band at the pub, drink in all the musical experiences that come your way and listen to something different this summer. Let us know what you listened to this summer and what you thought of it! It’s great to play or sing if and when you feel like it over the summer but be realistic; you’ll just be heading for frustration and disappointment if you’re planning to maintain your daily practice routines whilst on a family camping trip. And even if you’re staying at home, or especially if you’re staying at home, it really is important to have a break!

Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t play and if you don’t feel like it, don’t worry or feel guilty about it, just enjoy music any way you can and let’s get back together in September refreshed and re energised and raring to go.

At AS Music School we finished our regular lessons on Monday 5th August. We’re open from 6th-24th August subject to tutor availability for catching up missed lessons and for some blocks by prior arrangement with your tutors.

If you’re sticking around in Sheffield, 6th-24th August is also a good time to buy a bargain 3 Lesson Bundle for just £50.00 subject to availability. This offer is open alike to regular and new students during August. Contact us at for more details.

We’ll be back and buzzing from Monday September 9th for more music making than ever before. Check for our latest news of events and offers on this blog.

Contact us with all your summer music news at: