Song Writing & Composition Sheffield

Thanks to our spacious rooms and strict health and safety procedures we are now teaching 1-2-1 lessons at the music school once more. 


Online lessons are still available.

song writing sheffield
At AS Music School we value your creativity highly. Our music lessons are about so much more than learning to perform music written by others.
With us YOU can learn how to unleash your creative potential through making your own music, whatever the style.

music composition sheffield

We teach song writing skills, classical composition, creative music-making for younger students, improvisation skills, all styles of music theory including pop music theory, jazz theory and traditional music theory.


why music theory is important

Our lessons are tailored to YOUR NEEDS so if you need help with school exam work for GCSE Music, A Level Music or BTEC Music, we are here to help.

If you've always wanted to write your own songs, we can show you how.

If you are a budding Beethoven, hone up your composition skills with us and you can even learn how to write your own piano sonata.


songwriting course

All our 1-2-1 music lessons cover creativity in music alongside the re-creative aspects more usually catered for when learning an instrument or voice. These include, Music Lessons For Beginners, Ukulele, Guitar, Drums, Piano & Keyboard, Singing and our Adult Music Lessons

But we also provide specialist 1-2-1 lessons focusing specifically on song writing, composition, improvisation, music theory, if that's where your interest lies.

Get in touch today and Enjoy Making Music at AS Music School