Parent and toddler music classes Sheffield

If you are searching for music lessons for parents and toddlers in Sheffield - then look no further! Our super fun sessions have a range of songs, percussion, and games. All of which will bring stories to life through music.

And apart from being a lot of fun for curious minds, music lessons come with a host of educational benefits for any age group. However, when kids get into music at an early age, it can help lay the foundations of their learning journey for the remainder of their school life and beyond.
There are some instruments, like percussion, that will help improve a child’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination. This is because percussion instruments require the movement of arms, feet, and hands - depending on the instrument.

The enhanced coordination will mean that late on, they will have an advantage when it comes to dance or sports. Instruments like the piano and string instruments will encourage the use of left and right at the same - but doing different things.

It is quite amazing.
Discipline and Patience
Before you are able to make a single sound, you have to understand how to hold many instruments. And that respect and learning happens early with parent and toddler music lessons.

Playing an instrument and singing both require hours of practice and learning before you can meet the goals you have set yourself. And when they finally master that note or entire piece, the gratification is a rich and rewarding experience.

Awaiting your turn to play in a group teaches a lot of patience too.

All great for little ones.
When children are in a music learning environment, as they grow, they will have feedback and instructions. Both of these will enable your child to turn what might be negative feedback into positive action. And this action will help build self-confidence and self-esteem. Because the child will begin to understand that they aren’t criticised but rather guided and encouraged. This is a powerful tool when they are in school - booth primary and secondary.

It also builds confidence in order to play an instrument in front of other people, and this is a hugely transferable skill. It will help them with group presentations and public speaking. Because they are used to people focusing on them while they play.
Believe it or not, music can be a very valuable cultural learning experience. Many instruments, and certainly percussion ones, come from a range of places around the world.

Bongos, timbales, maracas, and so much more. Not only are they fun to play, but they have a rich history of their own. Part of the learning experience in the early year can be how they sound and how they feel. But following on from that, they can explore their country of origin and other playing styles.

When you join a group or class of music and singing with your little one, you might foster their love of music and be able to find their future musical instrument.

Oh, and it is a lot of fun!