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Music Exams

At AS Music School we believe that “Interest leads to Progress leads to Interest.....” It’s a virtuous circle.
Nothing stimulates students more than a true love and desire for music making, but our experience has proved that music exams are also a great way to measure progress, build confidence and increase motivation.
With higher grades (6,7&8) accruing UCAS points Music Exams are also internationally recognised qualifications which not only showcase musical ability but also send a signal to potential employers and higher education venues that you have organisational skills, dedication and staying power. These are just a few of the qualities you’ll learn and develop by studying music.

LCM Exam Center Sheffield
We are a local centre for LCM & RGT music  exams and host external examiners from these boards who visit us 3 times each year at AS Music School.
We prepare our students for their exams with a pre-exam lesson which takes place a couple of weeks before the exam proper, usually with a different tutor and in the actual exam room. This is a great dress rehearsal for the real thing and we find a lot of “exam nerves” are got out of the way before the actual exam day.

We also offer our students a Supporting Tests Special which is a lesson focusing purely on the more unseen aspects of the exams such as Sight Reading, Aural and Viva Voce questions.
Our vocals & violin students are not charged extra for the accompanist needed in their exams and performing with accompaniment is also rehearsed before the exam day.
On the day itself the fact that our students and their parents know the location of the venue, the building and even the room, not to
mention the tutors who’ll be stewarding, is all a big stress avoider and enables our exam sessions to be what they should be; a celebration of musical progress and ability.

Distinction award at AS Music School
Is it any wonder that we have an unbroken track record of high scorers in our exams going back 20 years?
Music exams are emphatically not the whole story and a fully rounded musician is not someone who can play 3 pieces and some scales, but they are an important part of the all -round musical opportunity we offer our students.
Exams start for beginners with introductory grades called “Steps “
and progress to Grade 8 after which various Diplomas are also available.

Our Piano Tutors Charlotte & Nicola
Subject to availability our tutors may also be hired as accompanists to exam candidates who do not attend our music school,  for exams taking place either at our venue or at other local exam venues and for all exam boards.
If you need to hire an accompanist please contact us now and we’ll do all we can to help.

singing lessons sheffield

Join our new choir for 8-14 year olds in January 2020 and have yourself a musical new year. 

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