Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions September 2020-August 2021

These terms and conditions supersede all previous terms and will commence from 1st September 2020 until further notice. The music school year will run from 1st September 2020 and we will be open for 44 weeks.

[for closure dates see separate calendar, also summarised below].

There are 42 teaching weeks in the year and 2 catch-up weeks / weeks for extra lessons.


All weekly direct debit students are entitled to a maximum of 42 lessons per year to be taken during the weeks we are open.

With 100% attendance 42 lessons will be completed by 2nd August 2021.

Please note direct debit payments are paid in 12 equal payments over the 12-month period September-August.

There is a one-off £10.00 admin fee which is taken from the initial payment on joining and is taken into account when the schedule is outlined in your confirmation letter, which you will receive prior to any payment being taken. Where appropriate, lessons may be taken in advance; for example in the run up to exams, or before a long, scheduled absence and time taken off in lieu afterwards.

If direct debit students require extra lessons at any point they will be able to buy a “3 – LESSON BUNDLE” by arrangement with their tutor. If lessons are missed without us receiving at least 24 hours’ notice they will be charged for. Where we receive more than 24 hours’ notice, the tutor will rearrange the lesson wherever possible in order to catch up as soon as possible. This will be at the tutor's convenience and is subject to their availability. Rearranged lessons may be arranged with the student’s usual tutor or with another available tutor. Please note that tutors will do what they can to help students catch up lessons but in the case of a student falling more than 3 lessons behind it will probably not be possible to catch every lesson up.

Lessons that are not caught up within the school year will not be carried over to the next school year. Band classes & Stave House classes will also run for 42 lessons of the year. It is not possible to rearrange these lessons, unless due to tutor absence, and lack of attendance of any group classes, will not be reimbursed. Fortnightly Direct Debit Students will be eligible to receive 21 lessons during the year with the same terms as weekly students.


In the event of a direct debit student wishing to leave AS Music School we require one month’s written notice by email to info@asmusicschool.com by 1st of the month prior to the month in which you wish to leave. [For example; if a student wishes to leave from the beginning of October, we must be told in writing by 1st September.]


Blocks of lessons are purchased in advance in 10-week blocks. Block payers will receive a reminder telling them their renewal date. Failure to renew by the due date may result in the lesson slot being lost. Block Payments are not eligible for any discounts or refunds if a student decides to leave part way through a block of lessons. Lessons may be rearranged with 24+ hours’ notice, lessons with -24 hours’ notice will be charged for.

Group lessons paid for by block such as singing groups, uke groups, folk group etc, are paid for in advance with the same terms and conditions as 1-2-1 block payments.

Individual students’ missed lessons cannot be caught up. However, with the tutor’s consent it may be possible for students to attend a similar group on a different session, if appropriate in order to make up a missed session.


FIRST DAY OF TERM 1st September

AUTUMN BREAK Monday 26th October-Saturday 31st October

WINTER BREAK Tuesday 22nd December-Saturday 2nd January

EASTER BREAK Friday 2nd April-Thursday 15th April

MAY DAY Monday 3rd May

SPRING BREAK Monday 31st May-Saturday 5th June

Direct Debit lessons week 42 ends Monday 2nd August.

CATCH UP WEEKS Tuesday 3rd August-Monday 16th August

SUMMER BREAK Tuesday 17th August-Tuesday 31st August

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